The Bouncing Brew

Ever thought,​ ‘I’d love a pub where I can fall into the walls and bounce right back up, minimising the damage to my head that I’ll already be facing in the morning’?

Well, lucky for you, that’s why The Bouncing Brew is here!

The Bouncing Brew does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s an inflatable pub that bounces around the island’s best festivals and events, ensuring everyone who visits our quirky pub leaves in high spirits. Held-up with nothing but laughs, banter and good company ( ​ and a pretty big extractor fan, obviously) ​ The Bouncing Brew is Jersey’s very own travelling pub!

However, we’re more than just your average, amazing, inflatable pub...

Inside this mesmerizing complex, we stock a wide range of craft ales, beers, ciders and spirits, accompanied with a kitchen stocked full of delectable food, including chicken pri pri, beef espetadas, fresh Jersey scollops, and home-grown Jersey Royals deep-fried with rosemary and crisp sea salt.

Here at The Bouncing Brew, we pride ourselves on our innovation and quirky outlook on social events. So, why not come down to one of the great Jersey events we’ll be bouncing around? We promise we’re a pub to remember... or forget, whichever way you look at it.

Where We’ve Been

The Bouncing Brew has been darting around all of the major events within Jersey. Here are just a few of the venues we’ve visited:

  • Madeira Food Festival
  • One of the most anticipated foreign food festivals on the island, the Madeira Food Festival invites islanders and tourists alike to partake in a vast array of incredible food, sourced from only the best places in Portugal. Of course, what’s a festival without an inflatable pub? You’ll be able to find The Bouncing Brew neatly tucked away somewhere within the festival, just look-out for the people having the most fun, that’s where you’ll find us.

  • Portuguese Food Festival
  • Now we’re talking, Jersey’s best-loved food festival returns for another year of scintillating summer munch and fresh beverages that are sure to hit that sweet summer spot. This event attracts hundreds, if not thousands of islanders every year, with a breathtaking array of food stalls, you won’t be leaving with an empty stomach. The Bouncing Brew will be making it’s appearance somewhere within the festival - so be sure to look out for the pub that’s slightly softer (and more fun) than the others...

  • Havre des Pas
  • Look below...

Where You’ll Find Us Next...

Next stop, ​ Havre des Pas Festival! ​ Indeed, the next time you can expect to see us bouncing to is Jersey’s best seaside festival, taking place on the 21st & 22nd of July. You can find us on the beach, serving only the best beers, ciders, spirits and food, complementing the incredible atmosphere of the live music that will be nesting right next door.

So, if you’re seeking to fill that inflatable pub-shaped void in your life, lucky for you, we’re here to provide that very service.

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