Cargo Coffee Bar

An explosion of smaller, independent coffee vendors has recently erupted on our streets in St.Helier, much to the delight of our caffeine buzzed community. And landing right in the thick of our financial centre is Cargo Coffee Bar, perfectly situated opposite Liberation Station for your fix en route the morning commute.

What was once Jaipur Indian restaurant is now a rustically cool and entirely chic hub of health and artisan coffee, with local man Liam Montgomery and his partner Selda Kumcurs as the groundforce. Having both spent 10 years in Costa Rica running bars and restaurants in the sun, they have have returned to Jersey to launch their third venture with a Southern American flair and an expertise for customer experience.

It's clear by the interior alone that the duo are driven by their values which quite literally emanate from the walls up! Selda, who had originally moved to Costa Rica to study sustainable development, has most certainly injected her wealth of knowledge and passion for sustainable creativity into their interiors. Most of the furniture, including the bar, has been built using up-cycled wood from Acorn or in local farms, also using scaffolding poles for shelving and home built tables from finished steel frames.

There are interior touches of that South American vibe too with hessian sack drapings, corners of leafy plants and a Brightonion edge of art gallery come cafe with local artwork finishing off the fresh walls. It is effortlessly cooler than hipster and ethos driven to every last detail.

So once you've found yourself a cosy corner, get stuck in! Cargo is serving up soulful food led by Emerson who had worked at Ormer for two years. The whole menu is based on a vegetarian and vegan diet, with meat as an add on option. For us, the Huevos Rancheros has won our hearts (and conquered hungry stomachs!) This stunning traditional Mexican dish consists of eggs, spicy tomato, re-friend beans, tortilla and avocado. It's the perfect mid morning fill me up alongside an artisan barista made coffee.

Cargo promote the highest of quality coffee using Ozone Coffee Roaster beans to provide their blends. The company match Selda and Liam in their philosophy for fair trade by working closely with farmers and having a direct relationship with their suppliers. They commented "We are serious about offering only the most brilliant, sustainable coffee in the world, and are proud to be serving Ozone Coffee Roasters' Empire Blend, packed with as much sweetness, chocolate & caramel into an espresso as possible, along with the most, rich, smooth silky body achievable."

Cargo provides a wholesome, produce-driven seasonal menu that is fresh, fun & innovative. When you choose to eat at Cargo, you are supporting your local farmers and producers, working with small local farms is easy on the environment and allows us to support our local community.

If you haven't already then get yourselves down there, Cargo are open every week day for breakfast and lunch witht he hopes of keeping doors open even for evening events. As always, check in with us to find out the latest!