The Jersey Battle of Flowers

The Jersey Battle of Flowers
Thursday 8th July-Friday 9th July 2018
Victoria Avenue

First staged in 1902 in celebration of a Royal Coronation, The Jersey Battle of Flowers has grown rapidly over the past century and become without doubt, a major highlight in Jersey’s summer calendar. The tradition of picking flowers from the floats and throwing them to the audience as they went by quickly developed into flowers being thrown back and so, the 'Battle of the Flowers' was born.

For just one afternoon and evening every year, Victoria Avenue comes alive as it hosts this spectacle of flower covered floats, musicians, performers and dancers for one of the largest floral carnivals in Europe!

The floats are made entirely out of fresh flowers built by a dedicated community or parish team with sights set to win the crowning title and take home the prize of the day, ‘The Prix D'Honneur.’ Each team chooses an original theme for their entry along with music and performers bringing an electric atmosphere and an array of entertainment for the cheering crowds.

Now, for someone who hasn’t grown up to the festivities of the battle it’s fair to understand why they may at first, seem entirely absurd! But catching a glimpse of a school friend marching down the avenue in full Star Wars costume or waving back to a neighbour whose zip tied to the floral turret of a Disney castle, are most definitely just some of the customary delights of our dear Battle of Flowers.

Starting with Thursday afternoon’s Grand Day Parade, hoards will be marching down armed with pillows, flasks and snacks sharing tactics for the best viewing vantage point as they make their way through the crowds to soak up the atmosphere! And on Friday evening from 9pm, The Moonlight Parade will bring the night sky alive, with floats and performers alight in tiny fairy lights and neon costumes. The evening then concludes with a fantastic fireworks display over St Aubin's Bay but even when the fireworks are over, it doesn’t mean the fun has to be! Behind the avenue at People’s Park the funfair is in town carrying on the celebrations into the night.

Tickets are available starting from £15 for pavement seating and up to £34 for tiered seating for those who wish to secure their space front row and centre. If you haven’t got yours already head to with limited amount available on the gate subject to sales.