A beach cabana out West

Oh kiss me, dear smashed avo, eggs and bacon... All day breakfasts, no less! Plates of deliciousness, rolls that rock and more seasonal, local produce than you could shake a fork at.

The Kismet crew is a pair of food fanatics who encompass all that’s great about Jersey food. From breakfast through until dinner, Kismet’s menu is a mouthwatering affair indeed. Vegan and vegetarian options are readily available and all food is cooked to order.

Owners, Chris and the aptly named, Summer Lister are two mighty fine examples of what can be served up if you stay true to your passion - at Kismet, that’d be each other and this mega friendly, super delicious shack/food haven on the beach at Ouaisne.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for events and menus from around the world, as Chris cooks up a veritable storm in the kitchen... Twinkly fairy lights, lanterns and picnic tables under a canopy... Bliss. *Kismet is also open for private hire... Now THAT’s the sort of birthday set up we’d appreciate.

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